Mealtime for Maddie & Me


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Your little one will never have to eat alone, thanks to this charming Mealtime for Maddie & Me set. The kids’ dinnerware is BPA-free melamine, and the set even has a mini place setting for Maddie too. After all, it’s always easier to eat your vegetables with a friend!

BPA-free melamine. Cotton and polyester doll. Pieces may vary due to the handmade nature of each product. Imported.
Includes Maddie the doll (5″ wide, 19.5″ tall), 1 meal set for Maddie, and 1 meal set for Me. Both meal sets include a plate (4″ dia., and 5.5″ dia.), a bowl (3″ dia., 1″ tall and 4″ dia., 1.5″ tall), a cup (1.5″ dia., 1.25″ tall and 2.25″ dia., 1.75″ tall)

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