Taylor Fluted Breakfast Bowl – Poplar Ridge



With a radiant rippled rim and a deep dish, the Poplar Ridge Fluted Breakfast Bowl is well-suited to the most important meal of the day. Each one is handcrafted of clay here in Aurora, and hand-painted with a bold pattern. Poplar Ridge has spectacular views of Cayuga Lake from the hilltop just above Aurora. It was the home of Jethro Wood, inventor of the cast-iron plow with replaceable parts, and is translated into this delightfully overgrown garden, perfect for a potluck. A set of these bright bowls—pick one in each Taylor pattern—will help your family take time for the day’s most important meal. Turn over each piece to see the stamps of the artisans who created it.

Handmade, hand-painted majolica. Pieces may vary due to the handmade nature of each product. Handcrafted in Aurora.
8″ dia., 12 oz. capacity

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Weight 4 lbs


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