Muhammad Ali Book


In this international bestseller from the critically acclaimed Little People, BIG DREAMS series, discover the inspiring story of Muhammad Ali.


This look at Muhammad Ali, an inspiring athlete and civic activist, starts off with his childhood. Cassius Clay, as he was then known, was a young boy from Kentucky who always knew he would be successful. One day, his brand-new bicycle was stolen. He wanted to face the thief, but the police officer suggested that he first learn how to fight, and so Cassius discovered the sport of boxing. Though he wasn’t the strongest fighter, he had a secret weapon: he was faster than anyone else. Cassius worked hard and proved himself in the ring, eventually winning an Olympic gold medal. However, the honor was not enough-he wanted to become a professional boxer. This young man with a dream became the most successful boxer in history. The illustrations will engage young readers and the inviting text will delight sports fans and those interested in other important historical figures.
Illustrated by: BROSMIND

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